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The Value of an Aircraft Specialist

An aircraft sale or acquisition is a major undertaking that should be trusted only to experienced professionals known for their integrity and results.

AeroSmith Penny II LLC is such a firm. As aircraft specialists, we offer unique advantages.

  • AeroSmith Penny II LLC has immediate access to current and prospective buyers and sellers.
  • By staying attuned to market fluctuations, AeroSmith Penny II LLC knows the correct strategies and prices for client transactions.
  • Marketing and advertising are better and more cost-effective on the scale made possible by AeroSmith Penny II LLC.
  • AeroSmith Penny II LLC thoroughly qualifies prospective buyers.
  • AeroSmith Penny II LLC has the financial strength and the expertise to underwrite any trade-in aircraft.
  • AeroSmith Penny II LLC deals regularly with aviation authorities and is proficient in complying with federal regulations.
  • AeroSmith Penny II LLC knows the legal and financial procedures that ensure a smooth closing.

A Message from the Principals

Aviation is not just a business, it's a way of life. Aircraft sales puts all thirty-five years plus of our aviation experience to work. Former mechanic, test pilot, corporate pilot, aircraft sales manager and business own/manager our perspective covers all aspects of the field.

Everyone at AeroSmith Penny II LLC shares our enthusiasm for aviation. They also possess the skill and knowledge necessary to work both on the field and in the boardroom. As a result, AeroSmith Penny II LLC constitutes a very special team - one that's talented, energetic, marketing-oriented and well connected. The fact that 85% of our business is repeat or generated by recommendations speaks for itself.

Call AeroSmith Penny II LLC today. Principal contact is Bob Nygren. If you are interested in buying or selling a quality aircraft, you couldn't have a better connection.

The AeroSmith Penny II LLC Resources

Our primary asset is our staff. AeroSmith Penny II LLC is comprised of individuals who are not only pilots, but astute business people with strong backgrounds in finance and marketing. Our people are unparalleled in their knowledge of the industry and their commitment to their clients' satisfaction.

Equally important is Aerosmith Penny's II LLC information base. We have developed the most comprehensive source of corporate aircraft data available anywhere. Our in-house research department's sophisticated techniques put all pertinent market information at our command. We monitor prices, supply and demand, buying trends, current and prospective buyers and sellers, plus every aircraft currently for sale and all those sold in the past.

Our research gives us continuous contact with an extensive aviation network. We are in touch with countless pilots, end users, service firms, aviation organizations and other aircraft dealers.

The AeroSmith Penny II LLC Inventory

AeroSmith Penny II LLC puts its connections to work in the best interests of both buyers and sellers.

Often clients in search of an aircraft will find exactly what they are looking for in the AeroSmith Penny II LLC inventory. Our clients know that before we put our capital resources at risk, we thoroughly examine each aircraft and are satisfied with its condition. We meticulously review airframe, engine, avionics and logbooks. We even take the unusual step of guaranteeing its status at the time of delivery.

Quality is not the only benefit of AeroSmith Penny II LLC acquiring aircraft outright for resale. As insiders in the aviation industry, we are able to negotiate the best possible prices. Our ability to acquire the best buy enables us to pass these savings along to our customers. They will find there is no better deal than a purchase from the AeroSmith Penny II LLC inventory.

Aircraft Acquisitions

AeroSmith Penny II LLC has the ability to locate the aircraft our clients want. If we do not have the appropriate airplane in our own inventory, we will find it.

All acquisitions begin with a clear understanding of our client's needs, expectations and constraints. Our analysis concludes with a list of the most suitable available aircraft. After one is selected, AeroSmith Penny II LLC supervises a thorough mechanical inspection by expert technicians to ensure the aircraft is exactly as represented. We put as much care and attention to detail into these procedures as if we were purchasing it for ourselves. Then we negotiate the price, oversee pre-purchase conditions and even locate financing options, if necessary. AeroSmith Penny II LLC also handles all the preparations necessary for the closing to run smoothly and efficiently.

Seller Representation

On an exclusive basis, AeroSmith Penny II LLC represents sellers of turbine-powered aircraft that meet the same high standards as those we purchase for our own inventory.

The process entails aggressive marketing. We plug into our international network, alerting scores of contacts in positions to know of potential buyers. We also conduct a highly targeted direct mail program. For maximum visibility and greatest audience, we run ads in appropriate trade publications.

The aircraft's exposure to a wide cross-section of the aviation community serves as the foundation for our sales team. Personal contact by our informed personnel is the key to earning customer confidence and meeting their requirements.

An Invitation

AeroSmith Penny II LLC takes great pride in our people, in the services we provide, in the results we produce and in our commitment to client satisfaction.

We invite you to learn more about our operation and philosophy by visiting with us in our offices or meeting with our staff at your convenience.

Our goal is to show you that you do not need a lot of connections to be satisfied when you buy or sell an aircraft - you just need the best connection. AeroSmith Penny II LLC, the connections specialist.